“Although I have done juice cleanses before, this one is extremely fresh and tastes fresh. I can never go back to off the shelf juicing. The feeling of consuming nothing but extremely fresh ingredients for three days is amazing on it’s own.”

-Mary, CA


“Woke up on Day 4 craving the 7a and the 9a. I am hungry for more juices. I feel healthier overall and will continue eating better daily.” -Samantha, FL


“Day 1 was interesting and went by pretty fast. On day 2, I wasn’t sure if I could proceed as it was the toughest day. Woke up on Day 3
thirsty for the juices after a great night of sleep. Day 3 was a piece of cake. I feel leaner also.” -Amanda,CO


“I have never done a juice cleanse so wasn’t sure how well I would do as I don’t usually eat that many vegetables and fruit. My goal was to
shock my body and ways I have never before. I felt amazing after just 3 days. This is definitely a great jump start to a new lifestyle of
healthier nutritional choices.” -Veronica, FL


“I am a regular customer of the cleanse and individual juices. Nothing else compares. Challenge yourself and you’ll get hooked.” -Jocelyn,FL